Our Saas solutions help to build a
simple and systematic production planning

Save yourself unnecessary Excel sheets to document your activities within the production and rely with your team on our Saas solutions, calculate with the help of pictograms or MTM-UAS®. Create work plans easily or analyze your processes in relation to your added value.



Describe your workplace and calculate your products,
within the assembly, with pictograms. Compare your
time data with the MTM benchmark time.

Take advantage of product calculation with pictograms


Current situation at the workplace
Product calculation, individually & per bill of material
Simple & cheap
In the cloud


Benchmark of the assembly
Potentials for work organization
Plan target situation


Workplace improvements
Target vs. actual comparison
Increase output
Reduce costs

TiCon for Web


Remove your Excel and work in a team with TiCon for Web.
Compare your own time data with MTM-UAS® analyses
and evaluate your processes in terms of value added.

Take advantage of the benefits of an analysis with MTM-UAS®.


Own work content & analyses with MTM-UAS®
Use of MTM-UAS® data cards


Comparison of time data with
MTM-UAS® time data
Evaluation of activities with regard to value added
Processing of analyses in a team


Target vs. actual comparison
Optimize operations in terms of added value
Increase output
Reduce costs

Personally at your production site!

Methodical time management, close to people
Analysis of your requirements & goals
Which departments are dependent on time data?
Can employees benefit from it?

Still undecided?

We offer individual opportunities with our Saas and on-premise solutions. These are for the entire team and you have 180 days to find the right solutions for you together with us and within a workshop, and to idendify and implement new potentials within production.

Ask our colleagues directly or send us an email. We look forward to a joint project.